About me


Shaking up health and fitness to blend into your life.

 FitShaping your life will intensify your happiness, energy, and enjoyment of life’s great adventures.


Who am I?

I’m Kelley, your extroverted girl next door that loves yelling at the TV during football season, having drinks with friends, & enjoying the social fun that life has to offer. I am a business professional in a typical office job, with passion for health and fitness (and tacos) that has grown tremendously the past 5 years. Oh yeah, I also like to spend a little time in the kitchen creating new ways to make “healthier” or “macro-friendly” versions of delicious foods that I love to eat.

I am passionately dedicated to enable others to find their perfect health and fitness balance without changing their overall lifestyle and the dynamics in their relationships.

I am very honored to be a sponsored athlete for Fit Like Flint and ErgoGenix. Both of these companies became fast-favorites of mine prior to working with them. With high quality products and amazing people on staff, how could I not love them.

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My Health & Fitness Journey:

I have had quite a bumpy ride with fitness and nutrition over the years. Every time a life change occurred, I would quit going to the gym or my nutrition would fall short. Injuries (one involving surgery) held me back at times I was most motivated to work out and eat properly.

My biggest learning from all of this: There is no perfect journey to health. Life happens.

It’s OK to have set-backs in fitness and nutrition. As long as you pick yourself up and start again, you will gain strength. Each time you do that, you are mentally stronger than before. That mental growth makes it easier to pick yourself back up the next time….and the time after that.

It’s also OK and expected to have a completely different health and fitness plan than everyone else you know. It is YOUR life. Your health & fitness should be FitShaped to you, not to anyone else.