Landmine leg work


Love Leg Day? Hate Leg Day? Need a new way to fire up those glutes for booty gains?

I like to use the landmine for a variety of different exercises. It allows you to accomplish all kinds of exercises without the usual equipment. It also helps work the muscle groups a bit differently with the weight at a different angle.

In this video I combined Landmine versions of Hack Squats & Reverse Lunges as a super set. This will work your glutes, hammies, & quads while firing up your heart rate. You need to keep the weight heavy enough to feel the burn and muscle exhaustion after 10-15 reps, but light enough to lift the weight on to your shoulder.

For the hack squats make sure you go below parallel and focus on squeezing through your glutes. Keep your weight on your heels as your back rests against the weight plate.

On the reverse lunges keep your glutes engaged all the way through the movement by keeping your weight on the heel of your planted foot. Doing so will ensure you are engaging both your glutes and hammies as you come up out of the lunge.


Hack Squats 10-15 reps

Reverse Lunges 10-15 reps (each side)

No rest between exercises.

Repeat 3-4 rounds

Give this a try next time you’re looking for a change in your leg day!



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