Lazy Chef’s Healthy Fried Rice


Approximate Nutrition Information for recipe posted below. Alternative options will change this nutritional information.

Ever want Chinese food but know it doesn’t fit your nutrition plan that day? Well that was me, today.  I have been craving Chinese food for weeks. So, I decided to make my macro-friendly, super fast, version of fried rice tonight.

The best part is that the recipe below is only one of like a billion combinations you can make. It all depends on your calorie and macro needs.


1/2 cup pre-cooked rice*

3 cups steamed broccoli

3 egg whites

Asian Seasoning blend

Soy sauce

Sriracha Sauce


Heat skillet to Med-high

Spray with non-stick cooking spray

Add rice and cook just a couple of mins

Add broccoli & soy sauce and cook a few more mins

Turn heat off

Add egg whites with spices

Cook & stir until whites are completely cooked.

Add sriracha to taste and enjoy!

Have fun with this super easy way to prepare fried rice.

Alternative Options: Add edamame, corn, whole eggs, pineapple, peas, carrots, sesame seeds, chicken, onions,… the options are really endless.

*To save time I used the 90 sec microwave Uncle Ben’s whole grain rice

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