Ab Circuit



Looking for killer flat abs or that awesome 6-pack?

Need a new exercise or a new way to work your abs?

I like to work abs with very little rest for several minutes. That ab burn is good for building strength in your core. I usually combine 3 or 4 exercises into a super set or circuit with no rest between them and then repeat that set several times.

If you have been following along, you know that I love push-ups. Did you realize that they are one of the best core strengthening exercises? Push-ups have become a pretty consistent exercise in my ab circuits. In this one I used the decline bench for leg raises into a hip raise, reverse crunches, then roll-out into push-ups. I did 10 of each and 4 rounds of this circuit with about 30 seconds of rest between circuits.

Give this one a try and see how your abs feel at the end. If you don’t have a decline bench, you can always do these on level ground. The decline bench just creates added force against your core, making the circuit harder.

Now go build those abs!

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