Walden Farms Maple Walnut Syrup

You asked for a review of Walden Farms Maple Walnut Syrup. So here it is. 

This stuff is really delicious! It blows all other sugar-free syrups out of the water. 

I tried it on the banana nut protein waffles (pictured) & on chocolate waffles. This will be a staple in my weekend waffle breakfasts. 

The flavor is exactly as named. It is sweet, delicious maple & walnut. The texture has a slight gel to it, so it is not as thin as most sugar-free syrups (WIN) but not as smooth flowing as regular syrup. The price is a bit higher than I would expect, but I think it’s worth it. 

Overall, this is a winner in my book. 

If you haven’t tried this yet, and use sugar-free products (or are looking for an alternative to sugary syrups) I highly recommend it. 
I bought this on Amazon , since I haven’t seen it locally. The better deal is to buy 2 for $16.99 (1 is $10.99). Quick link to product page- Walden Farms 2 Pack

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