Margarita Chicken

Nutrition information per serving (makes ~12 servings)

If you love the tangy flavors in a margarita, you will love this super easy slow cooker chicken dish!

It’s so versatile, you can make a lot of it and create several different meals with it. Serve it alone, over rice, on a salad, in a tortilla, in a pita, in chicken tortilla soup, in a mexican chicken dip, …In a house with a mouse, in a box with a fox, … oh wait… this isn’t green eggs and ham??  But my point is that there are so many options for this chicken.

It’s also unbelievably easy, with about 15 minutes prep time. Just set it and forget it.


3 lbs (1356 g) Chicken Breast
1 (200 g) Yellow Onion, Chopped
3 Cloves (16 g) Garlic, Minced
1/4 cup Tequila
11/4 cup Fresh Lime Juice
1/4 cup Orange Juice
3 Tbsp (63 g) Honey
12 Tbsp Dried Cilantro*
11/2 tsp Ground Sea Salt

*Cilantro is optional


Cut chicken breasts into individual serving size pieces
Place in slow cooker
Cover chicken with onions & garlic
Mix all other ingredients together
Pour over chicken breasts
Cook on low for 6-8 hours, depending on the heat of your slow cooker, until done.

Makes 12 servings.

Tip: Use non-stick spray or line with slow cooker liner for easy clean-up

Downloadable Recipe Card for printing:





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