Boulder Shoulder Builder

Looking to build your shoulders? Want to broaden your upper body to help with the proportion to your big booty & thunder thighs?

Shoulders aren’t just built with presses, shrugs, and raises. I know these look cool, with all the weight. But building shoulders takes lighter weights, lots of reps, and lots of patience. With shoulders, I like to say it’s all about that burn. To help grow those delts and get that sought after definition, try adding this alternating grip delt pull to your repertoire.

This move works those delts with a little bit of work on those lats.

I like to do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions (each grip) to really work those muscles.

First, set the weight low enough that you can complete a high # of reps. You can place the cable height at shoulder level or higher. I prefer to place it higher so I’m not likely to let other muscles take over. Make sure you have a steady stance and hold your core tight throughout the exercise. You want to pull with your shoulders, NOT YOUR CHEST. Keeping your core as stable as possible, will help ensure your delts are taking the brunt of the work. Pull with a neutral grip, keeping your elbows high to pull through those shoulders. You don’t want this to turn into a low row. Then rotate to an overhand grip, again pulling your elbows high. Alternate this grip back and forth for 12-15 repetitions each grip. Go SLOW with this exercise and really squeeze through your delts on each pull, paying attention to form.

If you do this correctly, your shoulders will be ON FIRE. This will help build those muscles that are too small to respond well to heavy weight/low reps. This is also great for mobility in your shoulders, so you can avoid injury from the heavier weight exercises.

Now go Build those Boulder Shoulders!



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