FitShaped Travel Day Exercises

airplane sardines


If you travel much, you likely have struggled with sore/aching body parts, feeling cramped, eating nonsense food you really didn’t want, and just being  run-down upon arrival.

Over the past couple of years I have developed some habits that help me avoid some or all of those issues. Today, I want to focus on the soreness and cramped feeling that comes from the amount of time we sit still when traveling. For many of us, the only movement we get on a travel day is sprinting from gate to gate when you are about to miss your connecting flight, climbing over your neighbors to pee mid-flight, and walking through the security line (hoping to not get frisked… Or maybe you are secretly hoping for that from the hot TSA agent).  Regardless, there’s not a lot of movement or exercise in a full day of travel.

One way to help with tight, cramped muscles is to stretch and stand while waiting to board a flight. I do a lot of basic stretches that help, but they don’t really increase my overall energy level after a long day of travel. I find that putting weight on my muscles and doing some real exercises really helps me burn off excess energy between flights and helps level off my overall energy for the rest of the day. When I arrive at my destination, I still have energy and I don’t feel like I have been sitting in a shoebox all day.

The exercises, below, can easily be done with minimal space and without breaking a sweat. Personally, I don’t want to be the sweaty, stinky girl on the plane. I did a set of 10 of each of these at both airports today.

I managed to find that gem of a healthy rice bowl in a small healthy fast food type place in the airport. It was so good I didn’t use the sauce. They even had BAKED French fries! 

1- Body weight squats or chair sits

2 – Wall sit (for 30 seconds to 1 minute, not 10 reps)

3 – Bulgarian Split Squats or Lunges

4 – Push-ups

5 – Tricep Chair Dips

6 – Crunches, sit-ups, or almost any ab exercise would be appropriate as well…if you are OK lying on the airport floor

Next time you find yourself waiting at an airport or really any waiting area, try out some of these basic exercises to keep your body moving. It’s amazing the difference they make in how you feel.

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