Bread-less Turkey Reuben

Ever have a meal that you are just DYING to re-create, so you can eat it whenever you want?  For me, that occurred last weekend while at a nearby cafe. I had the Rachael Sandwich and it was outstanding!  I just needed to eat this a million more times.

What you may not know about me is that I’m allergic to yeast. Which means that bread is not exactly great for me. I break out in hives and itch like crazy for 24-48 hours after eating yeast. *sigh*

I could have recreated this sandwich as a wrap or quesadilla, but I decided I could do it better and make it easier to meal prep. So, I set off to turn it into a bread-less meal. This turned out better than I even hoped.  If you like reubens or rachels (turkey reuben), give this a try!

Breadless Turkey Reuben 740 x 610

1 lb (448g) Ground Turkey, 93/7
3/4 c (68g) Quick Cooking Oats
2 Whole Eggs, large
1/2 Medium (155g) Yellow onion, Chopped
2  Cloves (7g) Garlic, Crushed
1 can (411g) Sauerkraut, drained
2 Tbsp (30g) Dijon Mustard
2 Tbsp (30g) Dill relish
2 tsp Fennel, crushed
2 tsp Caraway Seeds, crushed
1/2 tsp Ground Salt or Sea Salt
1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper
1/2 tsp White Pepper

13 Tbsp (200g) FitShaped Recipe Greek Yogurt Thousand Island Dressing, divided*
3 1/2 Slices (77g) Baby Swiss Cheese, divided

Pre-heat Oven to 375°
Spray muffin pan with non-stick spray (or grease with vegetable oil)
Combine ingredients (except toppings) in a large bowl.
Mix until blended together evenly.
Use 1/3 measuring cup and scoop mixture, roll into ball, & place in muffin pan.
This should fill approximately 14 muffin cups.
Bake for approximately 35 minutes
Top with a little less than 1 Tbsp of Dressing & 1/4 slice of cheese
Place back in oven for approximately 5 minutes
Remove from oven and let cool

These can be eaten immediately or refrigerated/frozen for meals at a later time. 

*Can substitute store bought Thousand Island dressing to save time and effort

Approximate Nutrition Info per serving: 

Turkey Reuben (no toppings):
Calories: 86
Fat: 3g
Carbohydrate: 6g
Protein: 8g

FitShaped Recipe Greek Yogurt Thousand Island:
Calories: 11
Fat: 0
Carbs: 2
Protein: 1

Swiss Cheese:
Calories: 18
Fat: 1
Carbs: 0
Protein: 2

Total with Toppings:
Calories: 115
Fat: 4g
Carbohydrate: 8g
Protein: 11g


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