Landmine: Push-up, Squat up, Press

Landmine combo

I enjoy unplanned gym days. Some people call these “rest days”. I actually prefer being active on those days.  So, I will sometimes go into the gym to try new things or just work out my extra energy, even if it’s not a planned workout day.

The other day I decided to play around with the Landmine and combine a few exercises.  This turned out to be a great strength/cardio combination.

If you want to try this, I recommend using the bar weight only at first. You will want to work on the grip and feel before adding weight. To hold the bar as you squat up from the uneven push-ups, use an overhand grip. Then, you can flip the bar into the neutral press position as you squat up. Go slow until you have the motion and form spot on. Then, increase weight and/or speed.


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